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The founding members of this group are all full-time law enforcement officers who were raised to hunt and fish. They have also all, sadly, been affected by the loss of a co-worker and friend in the line of duty. They wanted to find a way to give back to their communities that combined their love of their jobs with their outside interests. And so, in 2013, they came up with a plan to provide great outdoor experiences for the children of officers who were killed in the line of duty, honoring their parents and their values, while also teaching the kids fish and game management, hunting ethics and techniques, firearm safety, and many more valuable topics. Their goal is to maintain the memory of the parent for that child, while devoting time to them, continuing to support, and help guide them through a rough time in their lives via mentorship and lifelong relationships.

Parents of children who’ve attended hunting and fishing trips with 10-7 Outdoors have nothing but the utmost to say about the entire process. At no cost to the family, their child or children (some go in groups of two, three, or four, including parents) are transported to Texas, to a ranch or guide service location for a fully coordinated, once-in-a-lifetime hunting or fishing trip (or a mixture of both, depending on the child’s interests), lending itself to structured, wholesome healing time, with comradery and compassion which is second-to-none. Coming from the “family in blue” themselves, parents’ testimonies about the experience that their child has had on their own trip mirror each other’s in that the members of this group go above-and-beyond to ensure the inclusion, safety, and heartfelt understanding for the child and their circumstances. The loss of a parent under any condition is bad enough, let alone the magnifying glass it can be put under when the parent was a law enforcement officer. The void that this leaves behind for years to come can never be filled. However, all parents that have looked to this group for their assistance and services have come away feeling that they have added to their family group simply by knowing its members.

For the families, the kids, the co-workers, and community members, there will ultimately always be a hole in life resulting from the loss of their fallen officer, doing what they loved for their communities and being taken from this world in the line of duty. But to a small existing group, and now a growing waiting list, 10-7 Outdoors is working, one family at a time, to make a connection, pass on their passion for and knowledge of the great outdoors, and support, in any way they can, a child who’s lost their parent in this respect. 

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   Honoring the Fallen Through the Outdoors